Promotions and Small Online Businesses: What Works?

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Promotions and Small Online Businesses: What Works?

Compared to before, it is comparatively easier to start a retail business. After all, now you don’t have to necessarily invest in a physical store. Instead, online platforms are taking the lead. Customers too are migrating to online shopping because of the convenience it delivers.

There are various marketing principles that can help you in establishing your business. This includes promotions. Here are some promotional efforts that are known to work for small businesses.

Partnering with online deals websites

Let’s face it. The moment you launch your website, you won’t be bombarded with orders. It takes time for a company to gain momentum. Even if you give store coupons and discount codes on your store, the fact remains that people don’t know about it. To deal with this, it is advised that you partner with the most popular daily deal sites. Some of the best bargain sites include Sello, Groupon, and Retailme.

These sites have high traffic. This is because everyone wishes to know about the best deals online shopping has to offer them. Daily deal sites deliver deal news about the best deals today. If you store springs up in the list of the best online sales right now, customers are bound to learn about you.

This also means that you must give out a promo code for free stuff or coupons for food. Generally, prolonged offers and online coupons do not fare well for the brand image in the long run. However, if you wisely grant the customers’ promo code wish, it won’t make much of a difference to your brand image. Big companies do it too and that too successfully. It is common to find promo code Shopify offers or coupon codes for Amazon in the list of online shopping deals today.

Emailing coupons

For those of you who don’t wish to promote your brand on daily deal sites, you can also send emails to customers directly. There is a general pitfall of your email being directed to spam or not being read. However, if you do make it to the customer, this is a great way to build customer relationships. After all, there is something personal about sending emails compared to reading about coupons on websites.

Make sure that the coupon code you deliver via email is easy to copy to your online store. It is even better if the email directs them to the store.



Whether you decide to email coupons or partner with sites, know that promotional activities are crucial.

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